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  • How to use MS-A (azimuthal magnetic sensor) in your Arduino antenna rotator control projects

    The MS-A sensor is a commerical product (Trademark 4O3A Signature) used for the 4O3A rotator genius antenna rotator. It might also be used standalone with Windows app. Then it´s connected to the computer using a USB-RS485 converter and showing the heading on a compass rose. However if you just want to use the magnetic sensor […]

  • Repair of Yaesu G-1000DXC rotator control

    I took part in the Worked All Germany this weekend when after a few hours I couldn´t turn my antenna any longer. The rotator controll YAESU G-1000DXC was not illuminated any longer and the rotator stopped working. So I opened the cabinet and started investigation starting from the 240V connector. Wiring and power switch where […]

  • Wide Band Vertical Antennas (WBV) by DF9LJ

    August 8 th 2022 How it started – studies on groundplane antennas This post is published under a creative commons license CC-BY-SA-NC 2.0. Please check the details here. You may share and use for non commercial purposes but please always cite this website as the genuine source. The usage of antennas over a wide range […]

  • 5 Band WAZ

    Though I´m more on the technical side of our hobby it was milestone for me when I received the LoTW confirmation from KH6YY for a 80m sideband QSO. This was the last missing Zone for the 5 Band Worked all Zones (WAZ): In detail there´s just one little drop of bitterness: I still miss Zone […]

  • external antennas feature of the RF2K-S power amplifier

    The RF2K-S solid state amplifier has a number of outstanding features. One of them is the way of dealing with complex antenna configurations. As a standard user you choose “internal antennas” in the antenna setup if you up to 4 antennas connected to your amp. The 4 antenna outputs at the back of the amp […]

  • CQWW CW 2012 at PJ2T

    CQWW CW 2012 at PJ2T

    Some impressions from 10 years ag… In deep gratitude for Marty, K2PLF (sk)

  • Multiplexer


    Recent concepts for Multi/Multi, M/2 or SO2R station are based on monoband antennas. The reason is that you are by default operate on two bands simultaniously. In case of SO2R stations you are not transmitting simultaniously by you are transmitting on lets say 40m while searching for mults on lets say 20m. What you need […]

  • Der Start

    Der Anfang ist gemacht. Nachdem Apple leider bereits vor geraumer Zeit iWeb als Produkt eingestellt hat, hatte ich nie den Umstieg auf andere Systeme geschafft. Nachdem wir hier im deutschen Down-Under im März 2022 dank einer großartigen Initiative der Kommunen im Landkreis Angeln im Norden Schleswig-Holsteins einen Glasfaser Anschluß haben, sollte es wieder losgehen. Das […]