Monat: April 2022

  • CQWW CW 2012 at PJ2T

    Some impressions from 10 years ag… In deep gratitude for Marty, K2PLF (sk)

  • Multiplexer

    Recent concepts for Multi/Multi, M/2 or SO2R station are based on monoband antennas. The reason is that you are by default operate on two bands simultaniously. In case of SO2R stations you are not transmitting simultaniously by you are transmitting on lets say 40m while searching for mults on lets say 20m. What you need…

  • Ham Radio

    Ham Radio / Amateurfunk is definitely my lifetime hobby. When I was 15 years old I checked out what weird wires a neighbour was pulling through his garden. We got in touch and I started listening to his ham radio morse code conversatoins with his friends all over the world. Together with another friend of…